Internet Infidelity

On-line relationship can be developed through online video chat, online dating platform and social networking sites. For some users, real-life relationship could be disturbed and replaced by on-line relationship. In recent years, internet infidelity has become a more widespread phenomenon. It was reported that the number of divorce cases caused by infidelity relationship has been increasing (Valenzuela, Halpern & Katz, 2014).


Internet infidelity may cause serious impacts on marital relationship. The person who engaged in internet infidelity often underestimated its impact and severity. It is not uncommon for the person to underrate his/her unfaithful relationship due to the no “physical contact” involve in the relationship.



Valenzuela, S., Halpern, D. & Katz, J.E. (2014). Social network sites, marriage well being and divorce: Survey and state-level evidence from the United States. Computers in Human Behavior, 1.