Internet Gambling

People who are addicted to internet gambling may involve in on-line card games, sport betting and on-line casino games such as slot machines, dice games, roulette, etc. The internet provides large amount of real-time betting information and webcast sports events around the world. Most gambling sites best no deposit bonus - keep what you win on and betting accounts are easy access and user friendly. Some illegal book makers even offer better odds and returns to attract players. Most of the online gambling sites are illegal and lack of security or customer protection. In US, there are more than a million online gamblers and 1,700 offshore online gambling sites with the annual market betting amount estimated to reach $4 to $6 billion (Online Gambling: Know when to fold, 2013).


Internet gambling addiction does not have obvious physical signs or symptoms compare with drug or alcohol addiction. The nature of its secrecy could lead to severe financial and emotional problems before it was discovered.




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